Of course no pirate worth his salt is without one!

A ship with masts, yards, full rigging and figurehead. Oh yes and don’t forget the cannons!

This prop/ backdrop can be “sailed” to your location! It can be used as a centerpiece, stage or performance prop. Quite often our shows are performed on a stage directly in front that acts also as the “dock”.

The pirate Ship also becomes a perfect backdrop for photo-ops.

At times the ship is even “blown up” with CO 2 clouds of smoke and confetti blasting out of the hatch on the deck as the ship rocks and shakes with a loud explosion!

The Pirate Ship also becomes the “target” for the Monkey Cannons as patrons aim and fire the flying monkeys at targets held by crew members on deck. The crew cheers and rings the ship’s bell when they successfully receive a “broadside”!

The Flying Monkey Cannons a wildly popular with the young scallywags and have been used at many fund-raising events as a revenue source.

Small enough to fit in tight areas as she is less than 10 feet on the beam and just 20 feet from stem to stern.

Sound equipment for music / special fx can be added as well as fog machines and extra props, accessories and of course a PIRATE CREW! Creating an entire “Pirate Cove”.