There are a lot of pirates around. But you can be certain, this is the one and only Jack Spareribs! No. Not that other Jack in the movie.

This pirate not only wields a sword nicely but also juggles torches and knives, cannonballs and clubs... And oversees a crew of miscreants that includes a talking monkey!


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AKA: Ace Miles

Professional actor, magician,  juggler, ventriloquist, puppeteer, prop comic (don’t forget former senior game animator) and all around scallywag sort of fellow.

Yes the image to the right is Ace Miles in his re-occurring role as Fagin from Oliver Twist. He taught young ones to pick pockets at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco for six years from 2004 to 2010.

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“The Bay Areas Finest.”

Bill Rafferty  -  Good Time Cafe host, A& E

“A big hit! ... Gathered a great crowd...Always dependable”

Bob Harrison  -  Coordinator, Cupertino Fall Fest

“Fantastic to work with”

Bob Bates  - Senior Producer, KGOTV ABC affiliate

“A professional...He gets the job done! ... Very organized, he was up and running in nothing flat. And we SO appreciate that!”

Charley Daly  - CEO, Chamber of Commerce

Pleasant Hill Art, Jazz and Wine Festival

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